Past Updates for Alabama

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Past Updates

  • 02/02/2017: A federal court found that Alabama state legislators violated the Constitution by redrawing 12 districts to reduce the strength of the black vote in 2012. The state has been ordered to correct the district map before the 2018 primaries.[1]
  • 1/24/2017: The US Supreme Court has declined to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of Alabama's death penalty. The complainant, Thomas D. Arthur, was sentenced to death by a judge after the third jury to hear his case voted 11-1 for death; convictions in two previous trials were overturned. Although a verdict of guilt must be unanimous, a recommendation of death does not have to be.[2] The sentencing appears to violate the Supreme Court ruling in Hurst v. Florida that requires the final finding of fact to come from a jury.[3] The court rejected a similar appeal in December 2016