Past Updates for Illinois

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  • 6/8/2017: The Department of Justice has not agreed to Mayor Emanuel's plan on oversight of police reforms in Chicago [1]
  • 6/2/2017: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to go back on the Department of Justice court-enforced consent decree. Instead, he proposes an independent monitor handle the oversight of Chicago police department reforms. This proposal needs final approval from the Trump administration. [2]
  • 5/20/17: Two federal civil rights lawsuits regarding illegal home searches by the Adult Probation Department, the Chicago police, and the FBI were settled with Cook County state's attorney's office [3].
  • 5/17/2017: The Chicago Police Department announced new rules on their use of force. The rules include limits on shooting fleeing suspects and de-escalation requirements. In addition, Chicago police officers will be required to seek help for wounded suspects. [4]