Past Updates for North Carolina

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  • 4/14/2017: The Trump administration dropped its lawsuit for discrimination against North Carolina after the repeal of HB2, the State's "bathroom bill." However, LGBTQ+ activists accuse the law that repealed it, HB 142, of still being discriminatory LGBTQ+ individuals.[1]
  • 3/31/2017: Governor Roy Cooper signed a bill that repeals HB2. The law cancels the requirement that transgender men and women use the bathroom that matches their biological sex, but states that local governments cannot enact or amend non-discrimination ordinances until 2020. [2]
  • 2/27/2017: North Carolina's law making joining facebook a felony for former sex offenders is under review by the United States Supreme Court [3]
  • 2/21/2017: Governor Roy Cooper andAttorney General Josh Stein move to discharge lawyers representing NC in an appeal of last year's ruling by the US Fourth Circuit court that overturned the state's 2013 voter ID laws. The court ruled that these voter ID laws targeted African American voters in order to limit their participation in elections. NC currently has a request for the US Supreme Court to review this ruling, but Gov. Cooper and AG Stein's notice is the first step in ending that request.[4]
  • 2/14/2017: The NC Supreme Court reinstated a block on the legislature's plan to restructure the state elections board and ethics commission. The GOP plan would have merged these two bodies to form an "eight-member board to oversee elections and consider ethics complaints and issues," four of which would be appointed by the governor and the other four by the legislature. Previously, five-member election boards were appointed by the governor and comprised three members of the governor's party and two members of the other major party.[5]
  • 2/1/2017: Democrats in the NC Senate have filed a clean bill to repeal HB2. Sponsors are Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenberg), Angela Bryant (D-Halifax, Nash, Vance, Warren & Wilson) and Floyd McKissick (D-Durham & Granville).[6].
  • 1/27/2017: The proposed 2017 state budget reduces the K-3 class size cap from 24 to 19 to 21. However, the budget does not provide additional funding to hire additional teachers. Many schools are considering eliminating arts and PE programs to pay for additional personnel. Rep. Craig Horn of Union County admitted the bill was “not as fully thought through with regard to unintended consequences.” Another bill has been proposed to allow for flexibility in class sizes in order to retain these programs.[7]
  • 1/23/2017: Following a protest against former governor Pat McCrory, Sen. Dan Bishop (R) of Charlotte will introduce a bill that would “make it a crime to threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against a present or former North Carolina official in the course of, or on account of, the performance of his or her duties.”[8]