Past Updates for Pennsylvania

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  • 2/28/2017: US District Court Judge Mark R. Hornak ruled that Pine-Richland School District cannot enforce a policy barring transgender students from using the bathroom matching their gender identity, claiming the ruling would deny their equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.[1]
  • 2/23/2017: Philadelphia's School District told local media it would leave transgender protection policies in place, standing against the Trump administration's order to rescind the Obama-era policy prohibiting discrimination against transgender students in schools.[2]
  • 2/13/2017: Pennsylvania’s most controversial prosecutor, Seth Williams, announces he won’t run for re-election amid a series of scandals that he says have brought “shame” to the office.[3]
  • 1/28/2017: In the aftermath of the implementation of the Muslim Ban, Republican Representative Charles Dent spoke out against the ban: "Dent called on the Trump administration to halt immediately action on the order."[4] He is one of the few elected Republican officials to speak out on the subject matter.