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See also the '''[[Resistance_Manual_Home|main policy pages]]''' for federal legislative tracking.
== [[File:speaker.png | left | 50px | Elected Officials | link= ]] Elected Officials Ways to Resist ==Contact your elected officials:*Governor, Bill Walker[]*Lieutenant Governor, Byron Mallott[]*Speaker of the House, Bryce E. Edgmon[]
 *Governor, Bill WalkerGet involved with [[https://ballotpedia#Organizations|local organizations]].org/Alaska]*Lieutenant Governor, Byron MallottFind [https://ballotpedia[|organizations with state and local presences]]working in your area.*Speaker Check out our [[Tools of the House, Bryce EResistance]]. Edgmon*Look for upcoming [https:/[Upcoming_Events/|state and local events]].
== [[File:checkbox.png | left | 50px | Key Upcoming Elections | link= ]] Key Upcoming Elections ==
== [[File:Obamacare.png | left | 50px | Obamacare / link= ]] Obamacare / ACA ==
*If there is a full repeal of the [[Obamacare/ ACA|Affordable Care Act]], 49,000 people in Alaska (or 6.6% of the population) are estimated to lose coverage, whereas 62,000 people (or 8.4% of the population) will lose coverage with a partial repeal. (Retrieved 1/22/2017 from [ ACA Repeal Impact, state-by-state].) This is because with a full repeal, premiums will not increase the way they would under a partial repeal, since insurance companies will be able to discriminate on the basis of preexisting conditions and won't be required to provide essential health benefits.[] Not covering preexisting conditions will disproportionately affect people with [[Disability Rights|disabilities]]].
*Alaska is among the states that lost the ability to place lifetime limits on coverage because that practice is banned by the [[Obamacare/ ACA|ACA]]; those limits are likely to be reinstated under a full repeal.[]
*Prior to the ACA's ban on gender-rating, [[Women%27s_Rights_/_Reproductive_Justice|women]] in Alaska could pay up to 32% more for the same coverage, compared to men; an [[Obamacare|ACA]] repeal could bring back that coverage gap.[]
*Given that a repeal of the [[Obamacare/ ACA|ACA]] would also change payment structures and subsidies, 5,000 jobs could be lost in Alaska. When federal funding is cut, it creates a ripple effect that affects local and state revenue, thus creating losses in economic activity and employment.[]
*Under the [[Obamacare/ ACA|ACA]] Repeal-and-Delay Strategy, young adults in Alaska could pay $1,824 more in 2018.[]
== [[File:Policing.png | left | 50px | Policing | link= ]] Policing==
 ==='''The Facts==='''
*18 people have been killed by [[Policing|police]] in Alaska from 2013 through 2016.[]
*11% of the people killed by police were black.
*Black people are 3.3 times [[Institutional_Racism|more likely]] to be killed by police than their white counterparts.
*Anchorage is the state's largest city, with the highest rate of police killings per capita.[]
== [[File:Immigration.png | left | 50px | Immigration | link= ]] Immigration==
 ==='''The Facts==='''
*In 2013, Alaska had 51,968 [[Immigration|immigrants]], making up 7.1% of the population.[]
*There are estimated to be 10,000 undocumented [[Immigration|immigrants]] in Alaska, making up 1.3% of the population.[]
===Refugee Resettlement===
*Alaska resettled 141 refugees in 2014.[]
== [[File:VotingRights.png | left | 50px | Voting Rights | link= ]] Voting Rights ==
Alaska's Voter Registration Amendment, which allowed for [[Voting Rights|voters]] to be registered when applying for a Permanent Fund Dividend, passed by ballot initiative on November 8, 2016.[]
== [[File:Incarceration.png | left | 50px | Mass Incarceration | link= ]] Mass Incarceration==
 ==='''The Facts==='''*As of In 2014, Alaska there were 2,818 individuals [[Mass Incarceration|incarcerated]] 2,818 individualsin Alaska.
*7,167 individuals were on probation, while 2,303 individuals were on parole.
*None of the incarcerated population are serving life sentences or life sentences without parole.
*2.61% of the Alaska population is disenfranchised due to felonies, while 6.83% of the African American population of Alaska is disenfranchised due to felonies.
*In 2014, Alaska spent $377 million on corrections.[]
==[[File:Benefits.png | left | 50px |Benefits / Tax Cuts | link=]] Benefits / Tax Cuts==
=== Income Tax ===
'''The Facts'''
*Alaska residents are facing a tax increase under Trump’s plan.[]
**Households: 23,000
=== Public Entitlements===
'''The Facts'''
*In 2015, an average of 34,187 households and 81,121 individuals received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP, formerly called Food Stamps) in any given month in Alaska.[] In 2011, approximately 12% of the population of Alaska was receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP, formerly called Food Stamps).[] The average monthly benefit was $392 per household and $165 per person in 2016.[]
*In 2016, an average of 8,142 households received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), which is direct financial assistance, in any given month.[] The average benefit for a single parent with three children residing in Alaska was $923 per month in 2014.[] Average benefits in Alaska have fallen in value by 34.4% since 1996.[]
*In December 2015, there were 1,784 Social Security recipientsin the "aged" category[] receiving an average of who received $341.37 per personon average, for a total of $609,000.[]
== [[File:Housing.png | left | 50px | Housing/Infrastructure | link= ]] Housing/Infrastructure ==
'''The Facts'''
*14,300 low-income families spent more than half their income on housing.[]
*In 2014, Alaska had 21 units of affordable and available housing for every 100 households categorized as “extremely low income” (at or below 30% of the area median income.)[]
'''The Facts'''
*In 2013, the Department of Transportation found that 24.2% of Alaska’s bridges were structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, and 49% of Alaska’s roads were in poor or mediocre condition.[]
*Driving on these roads leads to an additional $359 per motorist per year in increased vehicle repairs and operating costs.[]
*According to former Governor Sean Parnell (R), expanded ports, roads and railroads are major infrastructure goals for Alaska.[]
== [[File:womens3.png | left | 50px |Women's Rights/Reproductive Justice | link= ]] Women's Rights/Reproductive Justice==
 ===[[Women%27s_Rights_/_Reproductive_Justice#Defunding_Planned_Parenthood|Planned Parenthood]]===
'''The Facts'''[]
*Alaska has four [[Women%27s_Rights_/_Reproductive_Justice#Defunding_Planned_Parenthood|Planned Parenthood ]] centers.
*In 2015, three centers were in rural, medically underserved, or health provider shortage areas.
*On average, there is one Planned Parenthood for 36,750 women of reproductive age.
*Alaska has the highest homicide rate for female victims killed by male perpetrator in the nation.
*More than three out of four American Indian and Alaska Native women are physically assaulted during their lifetimes.
== [[File:Rainbowflag.png | left | 50px | LGBTQ Issues / link= ]] LGBTQ+ Issues==
===Religious Freedom Law===
Alaska does not have particular religious freedom laws. Religious Freedom laws protect the right of people to practice their religion and limit laws imposing on that right, and were intended to protect religious minorities. However, after same-sex marriage was legalized, conservative states have attempted to enact similar laws with provisions that allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals.[]
Alaska does not have anti-bullying laws and does not require school suicide prevention policies. The state does not have laws promoting the inclusion of transgender youth in sports, nor laws protecting LGBTQ+ youth from conversion therapy or addressing LGBTQ+ youth homeless. The state does not have LGBTQ+ inclusive juvenile justice policies and does not require LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education.[]
The state does allow gender marker changes on drivers' licenses and birth certificates, but has passed transgender exclusions in State Medicaid.[]
== [[File:education2.png | left | 50px |Educational Justice | link= ]] Educational Justice ==
 ==='''The Facts==='''
*Alaska is ranked fourth in per-pupil spending as of 2013, with an average expenditure of $10,105 per student.[]
*As of 2013, Alaska ranked sixth in teacher pay, with teachers earning an average of $65,468 per year.[]
== [[File:workerrights.png | left | 50px |Consumer Protections /Worker's Rights | link= ]] Consumer Protections /Workers' Rights ==
'''The Facts'''
*Alaska’s minimum wage is $9.80, which is higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25,[] but many workers are excluded because they work for employers who are exempt from having to pay more than the federal minimum wage.[] Alaska's minimum wage is lower than its living wage of $11.57.[]
*Alaska has no state law for paid sick leave.[]
== [[File:environmental.png | left | 50px |Climate / Environment | link= ]] Climate / Environment ==
 ==='''The Facts==='''
*About 60% of Alaska’s electricity generation is from fossil fuels, and 30% is hydroelectric.[]
*Alaska has six sites on the National Priorities List.[]
== [[File:Peoplewithdisabilities.png | left | 50px |Disability Rights | link= ]] Disability Rights ==
 ==='''The Facts==='''
*Alaska has the 36th-highest percentage of disabled people in America: 11.6% of Alaska's residents are disabled, compared with the national average of 12.6%.[2015 US Census American Community Survey, Table R1810]
*In Alaska, 4.6% of adults between 18 and 64 receive SSI (Supplemental Security Income), compared to the national average of 5.4%.[2015 US Census American Community Survey, Table B19056]
== [[File:megaphone.png | left | 50px | Organizations | link= ]] Organizations ==
== '''Find additional state/local chapters of national organizations [[File:megaphonePeople_and_Organizations#Organizations_with_State.png 2FLocal_Presences| left | 50px | Organizations | link= here]] Organizations ==.'''
'''Find state===Resistance===*[https:/local chapters of national organizations / Alaska Progressive Action Network]*[https://www.resistancemanualfacebook.orgcom/groups/AlaskaProgressives/?ref=br_rs Alaska Progressive Caucus]*[https://People_and_Organizations#Organizations_with_Statewww.2FLocal_Presences Alaska Progressive Network]*[https://www.facebook.'''com/groups/909311552485796/?ref=br_rs Progressive Alaska]
===Environmental and Environmental-Justice Advocacy and Organizing Groups===

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