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Educational Justice

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===Trump/GOP agenda===
*The Trump administration’s budget proposal cuts funding for the '''Department of Education by 13.5% overall, but spends $1.4 billion to expand vouchers''', eventually increasing funding to $20 billion a year in funding. Initially , $250 million will go toward a private school-choice program, while $168 million will go to charter schools. While some charter school leaders applauded the funding, leaders of more than 20 charter school networks signed an op-ed against the budget, saying "we need federal support for all schools, for all kids, not just kids in 'choice' schools." [].
*Trump's educational program would encourage more students to attend charter schools, which are '''16% more likely to suspend students''' than non-charter schools.[]
*[[Trump_Administration#Secretary_of_Education_Betsy_DeVos|Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos]] has shown enthusiasm for '''taxpayer-funded private school vouchers''', and during his campaign President Trump proposed a '''$20 billion federal voucher program'''.[]
===Recent Updates===
*In April 2017, Education Secretary [[Trump_Administration#Secretary_of_Education_Betsy_DeVos|Betsy DeVos]] issued a memo that rolled back the Obama administration's student loan protections. Obama's memos required the Federal Student Aid Office to help borrowers manage their debt. These changes will likely increase the risk that borrowers will fail to pay back their loans due to lack of information or assistance and thus face harsh penalties. []
*Citing "privacy concerns," the IRS and Federal Student Aid '''shut down the Digital Retrieval Tool (DRT)''' used to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is a necessary first step for college students seeking financial aid, and the DRT simplified the process by automatically entering taxpayer data. While the form is offline, '''students will have to manually enter tax data in order to see if they qualify for aid.''' []

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