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Educational Justice

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left | 50px | Actions Taken by the Federal Government | link= Laws Proposed by Congress
<span style="background:#DFFFDF">'''Legislation that Supports Equity and Justice'''</span>
*[ '''S.620'''] The Community College to Career Fund Act would create partnerships between community colleges and employers to train Americans for jobs in high-demand industries. These include healthcare, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and information technology. <br>[[File:Billtracker.png | left | class=img-max-600 | 600px | link=]]
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*[ '''H.R.1880'''] / [ '''S. 806'''] The College For All Act would establish a partnership between federal and state governments to cover the full cost of college tuition for families earning under $125,000 per year. It would also make community colleges completely tuition-free, cut student loan rates, and allow Pell Grants to be used for non-tuition fees such as books and housing. <br>[[File:Billtracker.png | left | class=img-max-600 | 600px | link=]]
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