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Educational Justice

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Vouchers: What does the house/senate budget do?
===Trump/GOP agenda===
*The Trump administration’s budget proposal cuts funding for the '''Department of Education by 13.5% overall, but spends $1.4 billion to expand vouchers''', eventually increasing funding to $20 billion a year. Initially, $250 million will go toward a private school-choice program while $168 million will go to charter schools. While some charter school leaders applauded the funding, leaders of more than 20 charter school networks signed an op-ed against the budget, saying "we need federal support for all schools, for all kids, not just kids in 'choice' schools." [].
*Trump's educational program would encourage more students to attend charter schools, which are '''16% more likely to suspend students''' than non-charter schools.[]
*[[Trump_Administration#Secretary_of_Education_Betsy_DeVos|Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos]] has shown enthusiasm for '''taxpayer-funded private school vouchers''', and during his campaign President Trump proposed a '''$20 billion federal voucher program'''.[]
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