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Disability Rights

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left | 50px | How You Can Resist | link= How You Can Resist: fixed link
*'''Call your member of Congress''' by dialing tel:844-6-RESIST and tell them what you think about their vote on the "American Health Care Act." Find out how your member of Congress voted [ here].
*'''Find out when''' your Senators and U.S. Representative are holding '''[ town hall meetings]''' and other [[Upcoming Events/Opportunities]]. Show up and tell them to vote against the "American Health Care Act."
*Click [[Organizations_Working_for_Justice_and_Equity#Health_Care|here]] and [[|here]] to find organizations to get involved with, and [[Organizations_Working_for_Justice_and_Equity#Health_Care_3|here]] for more information and opportunities for online activism.
== [[File:activelegislation.png | left | 50px | Actions Taken by the Federal Government | link= ]] Laws Proposed by Congress==
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