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Disability Rights

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Health Care
== Health Care ==
'''10 million Americans with disabilities are currently covered by [[Trumpcare / Obamacare|Medicaid]].'''[] Medicaid is the largest health care payer for patients being treated for autism and other developmental disorders.[] The Community First Choice option is expected to end January 1, 2020.[] Established by the ACA, the CFC program allows states to provide home-based attendant services to the elderly, chronically ill, and people with disabilities. The states that now have an approved CFC program are [[California]], [[Maryland]], [[Montana]], [[Oregon]], and [[Texas]].[] The Congressional Budget Office estimates that there will be a '''decrease of approximately $12 billion''' over the next ten years.[]
The [ health care bill (AHCA)] passed in the House would take $880 billion from Medicaid, which would harm programs and services that help people with disabilities. In-home assistance, physical therapy, and mobility devices are all services that Medicaid provides. Medicaid also provides school districts with technology and counselors to help students with disabilities. It is important to note that Senate Republicans have proposed completely scrapping and re-writing their own approach to health care. Still, these senators do not have a track record of supporting programs like publicly funded health care [].
==The Olmstead Decision (Community vs. Institutionalization)==
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