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Educational Justice

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Students with Disabilities
*[[Trump_Administration#Secretary_of_Education_Betsy_DeVos|Education Secretary Betsy DeVos]] stated in her confirmation hearing that enforcement of the Individuals with [[Disability Rights|Disabilities Education Act]] should be left to the states, seemingly unaware that this is a federal law.[]
===Budget Deal===
*The Congress and the Trump administration have come to an agreement for a budget that funds the federal government until this fall. Items included in the area of education include(s):[https://wwwrules.washingtonposthouse.comgov/newssites/ spending dealpdf] passed by *$9.3 billion for Head Start, which is $85 million more than the House and Senate on May 1st, 2017,[ level.html] includes:**More money $250 million for special educationPreschool Development Grants, which is the same as the 2016 level.**More money $12 billion for [ TRIO]Special Education state grants (IDEA), which serves [[Disability Rights|disabled students]], among othersis $90 million more than the 2016 level.
==Transgender Students==

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