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Disability Rights

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Health Care: CBO report
== Health Care ==
===Recent Updates===
*5/24/17: The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has [ analyzed] the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) and found:
**Older and poorer people will be hit the hardest by premium increases and loss of services[]
**The savings projected will be because fewer things will be covered[]
**14 million more people would be uninsured[]
**Older, low-income people's premiums would be much greater[]
'''10 million Americans with disabilities are currently covered by [[Trumpcare / Obamacare|Medicaid]].'''[] Medicaid is the largest health care payer for patients being treated for autism and other developmental disorders.[] The Community First Choice option is expected to end January 1, 2020.[] Established by the ACA, the CFC program allows states to provide home-based attendant services to the elderly, chronically ill, and people with disabilities. The states that now have an approved CFC program are [[California]], [[Maryland]], [[Montana]], [[Oregon]], and [[Texas]].[] The Congressional Budget Office estimates that there will be a '''decrease of approximately $12 billion''' over the next ten years.[]
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