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Disability Rights

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says people with disabilities are one of the populations especially groups most vulnerable to [[Climate / Environment|climate health risks]].[] People with disabilities Disabled people often face barriers to getting health care services, public health information, and emergency information in a timely manner.[] Many also have high rates of social risk factors[], such as like poverty and poor health, that . These risk factors can worsen the harm caused by pollution, dangerous weather events, and other environmental hazards.[] They may have less access to information about public health hazards, evacuations, and other emergency situations, as well as reduced . They may also have less ability to act in response [].
The EPA's [ "Communicating Vulnerabilities to Climate Change: People with Disabilities"] explains key points from the U.S. Climate and Health Assessment on people more affected by climate change.[]
===Trump/GOP Agenda===
*The 2017 budget approved by the House and Senate cut the EPA's budget by only 1%, which is much less than Trump's proposed budget.[] Cutting the EPA would have '''disproportionately affected people with disabilitiesmore than others''', both . This is because of decreased air and water safety, and because climate change has an increased affect on vulnerable groups such as disabled people, children, older people, and people with medical conditions.[]
== Health Care ==
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