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Disability Rights

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The Olmstead Decision (Community vs. Institutionalization): readability
==The Olmstead Decision (Community vs. Institutionalization)==
===About Olmstead===
[ The Olmstead Decision] guarantees disabled people's civil right to live in their communities, rather than in institutions. This comes from one of the most important civil rights decisions in U.S. history, ''Olmstead v. LC''. In 1999, the Supreme Court held that unjustified segregation of people with disabilities violates the [[##Americans with Disabilities Act (|ADA)]]. According to the [ U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights Division]:
“The Court held that public entities must provide community-based services to persons with disabilities when
(3) community-based services can be reasonably accommodated, taking into account the resources available to the public entity and the needs of others who are receiving disability services from the entity.” []
Over the last decade, the The DOJ has actively enforced Olmstead in a variety of cases around the country.[]
===Fair Housing===
===Trump/GOP Agenda===
The 2017 budget that the House and Senate passed on May 1, 2017, gives more money to the Administration for Community Living. This includes more programs paying for food for seniors.[]
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