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Educational Justice

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Proposed changes to education rely heavily on school vouchers, . Vouchers are "publicly funded scholarships that students may use for private-school tuition." These programs claim to give parents and students better choices than public schools. [] However, studies show that '''many school choice programs do not provide enough funding to low-income families''' to provide for cover the full cost of private school tuition.[] '''Few charters perform better than low-performing traditional public schools '''. Vouchers would also give taxpayer money to religious schools, because most private schools are religiously affiliated. []
===Trump/GOP Agenda===
*Trump's educational program education agenda would encourage more students to attend charter schools, which . Charter schoolsh are '''16% more likely to suspend students''' than non-charter schools.[]
*[[Trump_Administration#Secretary_of_Education_Betsy_DeVos|Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos]] has shown enthusiasm for '''taxpayer-funded private school vouchers'''. During his campaign, President Trump proposed a '''$20 billion federal voucher program'''.[]
* High-performing charter school networks stayed away from Michigan during that state's the Davos-led push for charter schoolsin that state. Without state regulation, the school market was seen as unstable. []
* [ Check our Disability Rights page] to read how '''voucher programs negatively impact students with disabilities'''.

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