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Disability Rights

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==Recent Updates==
* 7/16/17 The senate vote on the healthcare bill, "Repeal and Replace" is delayed as Sen. John McCain, recovering from surgery and would be absent. The vote is close. A [ poll] released 7/16/17 showed that the public prefers the Affordable Care Act to the Republican health-care plan by a roughly 2-to-1. Republicans preferred the GOP plan by 59%.
* 7/17-7/21 is National Disability Voter Registration Week. The campaign advocates for the political power of people with disabilities while also engaging candidates and the media to recognize the disability community. This year, they are partnering with EveryLibrary to promote voter registration in libraries across the country. []
* 7/15/17: Estimates for reduction in Medicaid funding to states with the Senate repeal bill is 27%-39% by 2036. The Medicaid budget would start 2020, with more reductions starting in 2025.[]
* 7/14/17 Two GOP senators have indicated they oppose the healthcare bill and 11 others have expressed concerns with some form of the bill. The bill will not pass if there are 3 votes against it.[]
== [[File:target.png | left | 50px | Vulnerabilities in Their Strategy | link= ]] Vulnerabilities in Their Strategy ==
*The Senate healthcare bill vote is delayed and is close. []
*Disability rights have often been considered an issue that both parties care about. This means some Republicans in Congress may not support some of the Trump administration's proposals.[] []
*31 states are currently enrolled in the Medicaid Expansion through the [[Obamacare / ACA|ACA]],[] and are less likely to be for a repeal plan.

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