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Disability Rights

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Employment for Disabled People: new stats for unemployment
==Employment for Disabled People==
[[#Americans with Disabilities Act|The ADA]] forbids discrimination in [[Consumer Protections / Workers' Rights|employment]]. Even so, people with disabilities are much less likely than those without disabilities to have jobs (17.5% compared with 65% in 2015).[] Of people available for and looking for work, the unemployment rate of disabled people is more than twice that of non-disabled people (10.75% vs. 54.16%).[https://www.blsmarketplace.govorg/2017/07/21/news.releaselife/disabl.nr0.htmpeople-disabilities-unemployment-rate-still-pretty-high]
The Fair Labor Standards Act '''allows employers to pay workers with disabilities less than federal minimum wage'''.[] This would end under the [ Democrats' proposed $15 minumum wage bill].[]
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