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Post resources and tools that people can use to organize, resist, and advocate for policy and systems change.

Learning Tools
Learning Tools

See also Essential Readings and Resources for Teachers.





Organizing Guides/Toolkits

Events, Direct Actions, and Protests

How to Protest

Protest Listings

See also: Upcoming Events/Opportunities and People and Organizations, particularly Resistance Organizations.


Talking to Others About the Issues

Bystander Strategies

Social Media Tools

  • Lumen, Create free videos for social media
  • HootSuite, social media management/scheduling

Communications Platforms

  • Dust, an app for disappearing text messages and photos that is similar in some ways to Snapchat
  • Guerrilla Mail, disposable temporary e-mail addresses
  • Wire, fully encrypted end-to-end alternative to Skype for every platform (desktop & mobile)
  • Whisper Systems, secure messaging
  • Twilio, create responsive phone/text sequences
  • Twitter, connect and share ideas
  • WhatsApp, group texting (not secure!)
  • Hello Fax, send & receive faxes from your computer, free with a Gmail address
  • Mobile Justice CA: An easy way to record and report interactions with law enforcement. All footage and reports submitted through this app will be sent immediately to your local ACLU affiliate.

Also check out Safety and Security

Building Websites / Platforms

Advocacy Tools
Advocacy Tools

Contacting the White House

Contacting Representatives


Scripts and Alerts

  • 5 Calls, a step-by-step guide organized by issue, including WHO to call and WHAT to say
  • Alder, an iPhone app that gives you one relevant political action every day.
  • Call Your Reps, free iPhone app
  • Sign up for CallsForChange to get a weekly text and/or email with background on issues, a sample script, and the phone numbers for your members of Congress for one-tap calling from your smartphone.
  • The Sixty Five, weekly advocacy calls to action
  • Try Voices, app for advocacy alerts and help calling reps
  • What Do I Do About Trump's Action Hub has action alerts, mainly legislative-oriented, from 80+ groups
  • Action Alliance, an alliance of 80+ call-to-action sites/organizers

Contact Info

Tracking Legislation

Advocating to Businesses

  • AdStrike, advocate for corporations to stop advertising on hate/fake news sites
  • The Donald J. Trump Resistance, mainly a boycott
  • Don't Pay Trump. an extension that tells you if you're shopping at a website that stocks Trump products:
  • Grab Your Wallet, boycott companies selling Trump family products or otherwise financially benefitting Trump
  • Sleeping Giants, getting companies to blacklist Breitbart in their ads
  • Swich, an app that tells you how socially responsibly you're spending your money
  • White House, Inc., call one of Trump's business properties

Tracking Litigation (court cases)


Information on Elections and Candidates

Upcoming Elections

Political Campaign Tools

Political Training
Political Training

Training to Run for Office

Non-Candidate Political/Leadership Training

Secure Ways of Leaking to the Press
Secure Ways of Leaking to the Press


Data Analysis and Visualization
Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Analysis Tools

Data Visualization Tools

  • Pik to Chart, create infographics
  • Tableau, create visually appealing charts and graphs
  • Carto, mapping visualization tool

Data Sources

Self-Care Tools
Self-Care Tools



For Professionals
For Professionals

For Federal Employees

For Lawyers

Resources for lawyers filing habeas petitions for the immigration executive order

For Librarians

For Religious Leaders

For Teachers

For Tech/Data People and Mathematicians