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Campaign Staff[edit]

Paul Manafort[edit]

Paul Manafort worked as the campaign manager for Donald Trump from March until mid-August 2016, and he was the primary person in charge of Trump’s participation in the Republican National Convention in July 2016.[1] Paul Manafort came to the Trump campaign after working for many years for foreign leaders who were dictators, including Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[2] He then went to work for a decade in Ukraine for candidates and organizations that worked to undermine Ukraine’s independence from Russia, which Ukraine had earned after the fall of the USSR in 1991.[3][4]Manafort worked for Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian president who was ousted after a violent revolution in 2014.[5]In August 2016 it was disclosed that Manafort may have been paid as much as $12,700,000 in illegal funds from Yanukovych and pro-Russian groups, and the controversy resulted in his being fired from the Trump campaign.[6]

Paul Manafort worked for a Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska, beginning in 2006, to promote the interests of Vladimir Putin and Russia.[7]

Carter Page[edit]

Carter Page was part of Trump’s foreign policy team. He was given permission to travel to Russia to deliver a speech in July 2016 in which he was critical of US foreign policy, particularly as regards Russia.[8]

Roger Stone[edit]

Roger Stone, Trump's longtime friend and campaign adviser, has admitted to having backchannel communications with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and to directly communicating with the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0, who stole data from Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and various other Democratic Party networks.[9]

J.D. Gordon[edit]

J.D. Gordon was Trump’s representative for national security during the Republican National Convention and has admitted that, working on orders from Donald Trump, he pushed to change the Republican Party's policy statement on Ukraine. Prior to the change, the policy had promoted aiding and arming Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression; after Gordon’s intervention, the official Republican policy excluded direct military aid.[10]Gordon has changed his story story several times about his role in the change to the platform, and he has changed his story about the role of Donald Trump and Paul Manafort in that change.[11]

Transition Team Members[edit]

Devin Nunes[edit]

Devin Nunes is a Republican congressman from California (CA-22) who has been serving since 2003. He announced on November 11, 2016, that he was officially joining the transition team for newly elected President Trump, where he served on the Executive Committee and advised Trump on potential appointments to the Cabinet and other key positions.[12]Nunes is the chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which is conducting an investigation of the Russian interference in the 2016 election, but he has resisted extending the investigation into whether or not the Trump team cooperated with Russia.[13]At the request of the Trump administration, Nunes contacted reporters to refute reports about the connection between Russia and Trump.[14]After Trump accused former President Obama of “wiretapping” Trump Tower during the campaign, Nunes waited two weeks before firmly rejecting the accusation.[15]

Russian and Former Soviet Citizens[edit]

Roman Abramovich[edit]

Roman Abramovich, estimated to be worth $9,100,000,000 and ranking No. 139 on the Forbes List of the 500 wealthiest people in the world, has longstanding personal and political ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.[16]His wife, Dasha Zhukova, is close friends with Ivanka Trump.[17]After Trump green-lighted the continuation of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines, he declared that the pipelines would use American-made steel. But it has turned out that large portions of DAPL and the Keystone XL will actually use steel from the company Evraz, which Roman Abramovitch has a large stake in.[18]

Oleg Deripaska[edit]

Oleg Deripaska is a Russian billionaire and close associate of Vladimir Putin, who hired Paul Manafort to advance the interests of Putin and Russia in the US by influencing politics, business, and the media.[19] Deripaska is worth an estimated $5,100,000,000. The company he runs, Basic Element Co., employs 200,000 people around the world.[20]

Tevfik Arif[edit]

Tevfik Arif is a Kazakh businessman and former official in the Soviet Ministry of Commerce and Trade. He is one of the co-founders of Bayrock. Bayrock is a development group whose main office is located in Trump Tower. He has been linked to a couple criminal investigations. In 2010, Arif was alleged to have been involved with an international prostitution ring. Minors were suspected to be apart of this ring. He was cleared of these charges in 2012. Also in 2010, Arif was sued for allegedly using loans from Bayrock for personal use and evading tax obligations. It also was alleged that he laundered money and took cash from investors in the U.S., Russia, and Kazakhstan. This case is still ongoing.[21]


Julian Assange[edit]

Julian Assange is founder of Wikileaks. He was behind the release of 20,000 internal DNC (Democratic National Committee) emails in July. U.S. intelligence determined that the DNC were hacked by the Russians. In October, Wikileaks started regularly releasing emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairperson, John Podesta. Both Wikileaks and the Russian government have denied that Russia was the source of the leaks.[22]

Tucker Carlson[edit]

Tucker Carlson (born May 16, 1969). Founded “The Daily Caller” website. On January 5, 2017, Fox announced that he was moving up to take over Megyn Kelly's former time slot. Carlson's father, Richard Warner Carlson, was a LA news anchor and “cocktail” ambassador to the Seychelles. Tucker Carlson began his career as a an anchor on CNN and then served as a conservative commentator. While he was on CNN, he also appeared on Crossfire. After the 2004 election and a controversial on-and-off-air conversation with Jon Stewart, CNN canceled his contract and he moved to MSNBC, where his show lasted two full seasons and was abruptly canceled in March 2008. In May 2009, Carlson joined Fox and later got his own show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” In 2010, along with Dick Cheney aide Neil Patel, he launched a conservative news website, “The Daily Caller.”[23]


  • Drudge Report
  • Fox News continues to be one of the main sources of news that Trump himself follows. His has an established pattern of tweeting on news items that he sees on Fox.
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Roger Ailes
  • Sean Hannity
  • “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly
  • Ann Coulter
  • Milos Yiannopolous
  • Breitbart News

Wealthy Elite[edit]

Robert Mercer[edit]

Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah are among the most influential people in Trump's inner circle. Mercer made his fortune as co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, one of the most profitable hedge funds in history.

Erik Prince[edit]

Erik Prince is serving as an adviser to the Trump administration on security issues. The Prince family money came from Prince's father's company, Prince Machine Corporation, which sold for $1.35 billion. Erik Prince founded Blackwater Worldwide in 1997. He bought 6,000 acres of land in North Carolina, where he set up a school for special ops. Between 1997 to 2010, the US government awarded Blackwater $2 billion in contracts, some on classified work. In 2007, Blackwater contractors opened fire in a crowded market in Baghdad, killing 17 and injuring 20. Prince resigned from Blackwater in 2009 and sold it in 2010.[24] In 2016 he was under investigation by the DOJ for brokering private military deals overseas, for money laundering in China, and for his business in Libya. In 2014 he set up Frontier Services Group, a Hong Kong–based financial firm with ties to the Communist Party of China. He has also been accused of rebuilding his private special operations business in Libya and other countries in Africa.[25]

Think Tanks and Organizations[edit]

Heritage Foundation[edit]

An American conservative think tank that advocates for limited federal government and eliminating federal programs.Heritage Foundation Blueprint for Balance: A Federal Budget for 2017

The Federalist Society[edit]

The Federalist Society, along with the far-right Heritage Foundation, provided President Trump with a short list of potential candidates for the Supreme Court.[26]The organization was founded to counter the American Bar Association, which members of the Federalist Society saw as too liberal.[27]Under President George W. Bush, its prestige grew to the point where it became an elite conservative system that fed Republicans who have the power to appoint and confirm judges.[28]The Federalist Society is strongly in favor of stripping away the power of the federal government and returning power to the states.[29]


  • National Rifle Association

Religious Leaders and Groups[edit]

Franklin Graham[edit]

Franklin Graham is the son of Billy Graham. He is president of the Christian relief organizations Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Despite his record of anti-Muslim sentiment, he participated in Trump's inauguration. A month after the 9/11 terror attacks, Graham, speaking at the dedication of a new chapel, told an audience that Islam “is a very evil and wicked religion.” Pressed to clarify his comments by NBC, Graham said, “It wasn’t Methodists flying into those buildings, it wasn’t Lutherans. It was an attack on this country by people of the Islamic faith.”In 2014, when asked by Christian Today if his views on Islam had changed since those 2001 remarks, Graham said, “I have not changed my opinion at all.”[30]


  • Council for National Policy (CNP)
  • Family Research Council
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Paula White
  • Focus on the Family


A list of donors to Trump Campaign who contributed $1,000,000 and above:[31]

  • Renaissance Technologies
  • McMahon Ventures
  • GH Palmer Assoc
  • Mountiare Corp
  • Houston Texans
  • Bernard Marcus Family Foundation
  • Cerberus Capital Management
  • Electroimpact Inc
  • Buckley Muething Capital Management
  • Clarium Capital


  • Donald J. Trump for President
  • Great America
  • Rebuilding America Now
  • Make America Number 1
  • Make America Great Again