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The Resistance Manual is focused on presenting truthful and actionable information to empower people to participate in their democracy. The Resistance Manual is an open-source platform to harness the collective power of the people to continue to make progress in our communities. All content is reviewed for accuracy and relevance before being posted. Already, thousands of pieces of content have been contributed to the site from people all over the country, helping to keep communities informed and ready for the work ahead.

Together, we can win.

If you'd like to begin organizing or become a partner in maintaining the site, reach out at [email protected]. The Resistance Manual is a project of Stay Woke.


Samuel Sinyangwe   link=
Samuel Sinyangwe

26 year old black activist and data scientist. Co-Founder, Campaign Zero and Mapping Police Violence.

Technical Team Lead

Matt Stauffer   link=
Matt Stauffer

32-year-old developer and teacher. Partner Tighten Co., creator PulledOver and TechForward.

Issue-Specific Team Leads

Harold Joseph

Harold Joseph
23 year old HIV prevention worker. Haitian-American. Identifies as queer.

Laura Diamondstone

Laura Diamondstone
64 years young woman, passionate about anti-racism and justice. Varied past chapters, now rural CA homesteading, juggling several projects, contributing where she can.

Christine Calvo

Christine Calvo
29 year old Nicaraguan-American. Library cataloger.

Amna Warner
Mass Incarceration

Amna Warner
35 years old. Marketing researcher. Amna has a disability.

Ben Taylor   link=
Housing and Infrastructure

Ben Taylor
32 years old. High school social studies teacher.

Meka Brown
Women's Rights / Reproductive Justice

Meka Brown
39 years old. St. Louis, Missouri.

Jess Talwar
Muslim Ban / Registry and Societal Consequences of Trumpism and Trump's Conflicts of Interest

Jess Talwar
20 years old. Punjabi American College student in Chicago, IL. Standing in solidarity with both Sikh and Muslim Americans who are targeted for their faith.

LGBTQ Equality

26 year old historian from Switzerland. Identifies as lesbian.

Educational Justice

30 years old. Linguist. Teaches in North Carolina.

Joe Ekiert
Consumer Protections / Worker's Rights

Joe Ekiert
33 years old. Software engineer in California.

Shawna Wright
Climate / Environment

Shawna Wright
29 years old. Born in the Midwest, living on the East Coast. Marketer, writer, not a paid protestor.

Serene Vannoy
Disability Rights

Serene Vannoy
50 year old writer/editor/student service professional. Jewish heritage. Identifies as queer and polyamorous. She also has multiple disabilities.

Becky Suhr
Russian Interference in American Politics

Becky Suhr
28 year old from the Midwest on the West Coast. Reads lots of books.

Samreen Fathima
Benefits / Tax Cuts

Samreen Fathima
29 years old, Dentist, Public Health Researcher.

Rory Fleming

Rory Fleming
In his 20s. Researcher and Law school grad. Identifies as genderqueer and has a disability.