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Resources to help marginalized communities find necessary services to protect themselves from harm.

Free Legal Representation
Free Legal Help

Hate Crime-Related
Hate Crime–Related

Report a Hate Crime

See Law Enforcement Incidents to report biased law enforcement incidents.

Responding to Hate Crimes

Help Lines and Other/General Resources
General Crisis Resources and Help Lines

See also Safety and Security for computer and Internet–related resources.

Immigration Crisis Resources
Immigration Crisis Resources

Crisis Guides

Safety tips for ICE Raids

  • Do not open the door.
  • Ask why they are there.
  • You have a right to an interpreter.
  • ICE agents must have a warrant (form 1-200, I1-205) signed by a judge. If they do not have the warrant, you can refuse them entry.
  • If they force themselves in or if you are arrested, remain silent, ask others to remain silent, and do not sign anything until you have a lawyer.

More here.

More information: English, Spanish, other languages.

ICE Raid Resources

  • CIYJA: Fight ICE Raids with Power, Not Panic
  • Notifica, an app that sends out secure messages to your support network
  • RedadAlertas, a crowdsourced app that will alert subscribers when raids are happening

Resources to Contact

See also Immigration organizations in People and Organizations.

State City Organization/Website TelephoneNumber
National Nationwide Cosecha Text HUELGA to 41411 to get connected to the movement
Immigrant Defense Project tel:212-725-6422 (raid reporting line)
Immigration Equality (LGBTQ+ immigrants_ tel:212-714-2904 (legal emergency line)
Mexican Consulates(more info) See websites.
National Immigration Legal Services Directory
United We Dream tel:844-363-1423
United We Dream Text HERETOSTAY to 877877 to sign up to protect immigrants
AZ Statewide The Florence Project tel:520-868-0191
Southern Arizona Immigration Law Clinic, University of Arizona tel:520-626-5232
CA Statewide ICEoutofCA tel:844-878-7801
Northern California ACLU tel:415-621-2493
Southern California ACLU tel:213-977-9500
Los Angeles Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project tel:213-251-3505
El Rescate tel:213-387-3284
San Diego ACLU tel:619-232-2121
San Francisco CARECEN SF tel:415-642-4400
San Jose SIREN—Spanish/English tel:408-453-3017
SIREN—Vietnamese/English tel:408-453-3013
DC Washington CARECENDC tel:202-328-9799
CAIR Coalition tel:202-331-3320
Detention Line tel:202-331-3329
FL Statewide ACLU of Florida tel:786-363-2700
IL Statewide Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights tel:1-855-435-7693
IN Statewide Indiana Legal Services, Inc. tel: various
Evansville Catholic Charities Diocese of Evansville tel:812-423-5456
Fort Wayne Welcoming Fort Wayne
Goshen National Immigrant Justice Center tel:312-660-1370
Indianapolis Immigrant Welcome Center tel:317-808-2326
Archdiocese of Indianapolis tel:317-236-1526
South Bend La Casa de Amistad tel:574-233-2120
KS Statewide ACLU of Kansas tel:913-490-4100
MD Statewide University of Maryland Immigration Carey School of Law Immigration Clinic tel:410-706-3295
World Relief Baltimore Immigration Legal Clinic tel:410-244-0002
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) tel:301-565-4800
NC Statewide ACLU of North Carolina tel:919-834-3466
NY Statewide New York State Immigration Hotline Information tel:800-566-7636
New York Civil Liberties Union tel:212-607-3300
New York City New York Legal Assistance Group—Immigrant Protection Unit (attorneys on staff) tel:212-613-5000
New York Immigration Council tel:212-627-2227
The Legal Aid Society tel:844-955-3425 (attorney hotline)
PA Statewide Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center tel:717-600-8099
TX Statewide ACLU of Texas tel:713-942-8146
Austin area Casa Marianella tel:512.270 1515
Youth Rise Texas tel:512-385-5571 (accepts text messages)
VA Statewide ACLU of Virginia tel:804-644-8022

Muslim Ban / Surveillance
Muslim Ban / Surveillance

Airport Protests and Help

State City/Region/Airport Organization/Website Contact Notes
National National American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee tel:202-244-2990

e-mail: [email protected]

ACLU hotline tel:415-621-2488 If you know of anyone detained at any airport, call this hotline.
Our Revolution Sign up for a rapid response list to be notified when Muslim and/or immigrant communities in your zip code might be in danger.
Sikh Coalition
Fly Rights File and track reports of discriminatory behavior or improper procedure displayed by TSA agents here.
International International AirBnB e-mail: [email protected] AirBnB is providing free housing to refugees in the event that they are denied the ability to board a US-bound flight and are not in their city/country of residence. Contact via e-mail.
Florida Orlando Airport @ORDLawyersHQ Attorney available for people detained at any of the listed airports
California LAX ACLU of Southern California tel:213-977-5245 Attorneys available for people detained at LAX
@tracktheban Attorneys available for people detained at LAX
SFO ACLU of Northern California tel:415-621-2488 Contact if family members are detained at SFO.
SAN ACLU of Northern California tel:619-398-4485 Contact if detained at a California airport under executive order.
Texas DFW (Dallas) @DFWDetained Attorneys available for people detained at DFW
Massachusetts Logan Airport in Boston ACLU of Massachusetts tel:617-482-3170 x330 Contact if you or someone you know is detained at Logan Airport in Boston due to their Islamic faith or refugee status.
Logan Airport in Boston @openboston Contact if you or someone you know is detained at Logan Airport in Boston due to their Islamic faith or refugee status.
New Jersey Newark Airport @EWR_Lawyers Contact if you or someone you know is detained at Logan Airport in Boston due to their Islamic faith or refugee status.
New York New York airports State of New York tel:1-888-769-7243 The State of New York has set up a hotline to report any family members who might be currently detained at New York airports.
JFK @nobanjfk Lawyers available for services.
Washington, D.C. Dulles International Airport Dulles Justice @DullesJustice Volunteer opportunities and legal assistance available for those affected by injustice at Dulles International Airport
Washington Seattle SeaTac @NoBanSEA Legal assistance available for those affected by injustice.
Minnesota St. Paul @NoBanMSP Legal assistance available for those affected by injustice.
Oregon Portland, PDX @pdxlawyers Legal assistance available for those affected by injustice.

Reproductive Health, Abortion, Birth Control Crisis Resources

Trans Crisis Resources
Trans and LGBTQ+ Crisis Resources

Immigration Crisis Resources

Alternatives to Police

State City Organization/Website TelephoneNumber
NY NY Audre Lorde Project—Safe OUTside the system: The SOS Collective tel:718-596-0342

Law Enforcement Incidents

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

See also People and Organizations working on domestic violence and sexual assault.

Workplace Discrimination
Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment