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Post resources and tools that people can use to organize, resist, and advocate for policy and systems change.


Intervening to Stop Everyday Injustices
Intervening to Stop Everyday Injustices

For information on responding to and reporting hate crimes, see our Crisis Resources page.


See also Organizations Looking for Volunteers

Advocacy Tools
Contacting Elected Officials


Senators and Representatives[edit]

  • Check out this guide to every member of the 115th Congress.
  • Contacting Congress includes information on each rep, as well as committee assignments and contact info.


  • Call US Senators and Representatives: tel:(844)872-0234, or through CallGov, a web interface.
  • 5 Calls: a website and mobile app with a constantly updated list of issues, including explanations and call scripts. The app uses your zip code to show you who to call.
  • Agitatr: an app that dials your reps and provides call scripts all in one place.
  • Call Your Reps, a free iPhone app
  • Dial Congress: a Chrome app that displays reps' and senators' phone numbers when you hover over their names in articles online
  • The Loyal Opposition provides all the local phone numbers of your representatives.
  • The Payback Project is a tool for, among other things, helping you contact the reps who voted to approve the AHCA.



White House[edit]

Tracking Trump and Congress[edit]

Scripts and Alerts[edit]

  • Acts of Conscience: aggregates alerts from a range of websites—and they're sortable by issue, type, time frame, and state
  • Action Hub from What Do I Do About Trump has action alerts, mainly legislative-oriented, from 80+ groups
  • Action Alliance, an alliance of 80+ call-to-action sites/organizations
  • Alder, an iPhone app that gives you one relevant political action every day.
  • CallsForChange provides a weekly text and/or email with background on issues, a sample script, and the phone numbers for your members of Congress for one-tap calling from your smartphone.
  • re:act newsletter: calls to action and important political updates
  • Rogan's List, a daily action list sent via email that includes ways to get in touch with your state senators and representatives
  • The Sixty-Five, weekly advocacy calls to action
  • Try Voices, an app for advocacy alerts and help calling reps

Other Officials[edit]


Guides for Organizing[edit]

See also Resources For Organizers, organizations offering activism training, and readings on building movements and organizing.

Issue Guides[edit]

See also the How You Can Resist sections in the policy pages for specific actions related to the issues.

Social Justice/General[edit]

Disability Justice[edit]

Environmental Justice[edit]

Organizing Toolkit

Immigrant Rights[edit]

LGBTQ+ Issues[edit]

Reproductive Justice[edit]

Racial Justice[edit]

See also Intervening to Stop Everyday Injustices, above.

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence[edit]

Town Hall Guides (meeting your reps in person)[edit]


Talking to Others About the Issues[edit]

Hearing the Other Side[edit]

Secure Ways of Leaking to the Press[edit]

Communications Platforms[edit]

Working with the Media[edit]

Media Literacy[edit]

Also check out Digital Security and Media Normalization

Resistance News[edit]

This section includes news sources just on the resistance—this is not meant to be a list of nonbiased or endorsed general news sources!

Events, Direct Actions, and Protests
Events, Direct Actions, and Protests

Listing Protests[edit]

See also Upcoming Events/Opportunities and your state page.

How to Protest[edit]

Protest Tools[edit]

Creating Demands[edit]

Protester Safety[edit]

Tracking Legislation / Litigation
Tracking Legislation / Litigation

Tracking Legislation[edit]

Tracking Litigation (court cases)[edit]

Advocating to Businesses / Banks
Advocating to Businesses / Banks



Elections / Campaigning


Get Involved with Campaigns[edit]

Campaign and Election Tools[edit]

See also Elections

Political Training
Political Training

Training to Run for Office[edit]

See also the Bustle article How to Run for Office for the First Time.

Political/Leadership Training[edit]

Self-Care Tools
Self-Care Tools



For Professionals
For Professionals

For Federal Employees[edit]

For Journalists and Writers[edit]

Guides to Bias-Free Language[edit]

Coverage and Journalism Tips[edit]

For Lawyers[edit]

Pro Bono Opportunities[edit]

For Librarians[edit]

For Organizers[edit]

See also Guides for Organizing, above.

For Religious Leaders[edit]

For Teachers[edit]

For Tech/Data People[edit]

Data Analysis and Visualization
Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Analysis Tools[edit]

Data Visualization Tools[edit]

  • Pik to Chart, create infographics
  • Tableau, create visually appealing charts and graphs
  • Carto, mapping visualization tool

Data Sources[edit]


While there are tons of ways to get involved in the resistance without donating money, if you do want to donate or are willing to pay for resistance-related resources, the links below may be useful. See also Organizations Working for Justice and Equity for organizations that may be accepting donations.

Helping Others[edit]

Political Donations[edit]

Resistance Resources and Services[edit]

  • Safety Pin Box: a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation

Learning Tools
Learning Tools

See also Essential Readings and Resources for Teachers.