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Upcoming events and updates regarding the resistance against Trump and the fight for equity and justice in America. This is a collaborative knowledge base; feel free to propose edits/additions that you believe are important for others to know. Contributions will be reviewed and approved based on quality and accuracy.

Events/Opportunities: Main Sites[edit]

Events can be found at the following sites:

  The Resistance Calendar

Major National Protests[edit]

(Sister marches are currently being organized. Many will be held on October 1.)

Event Calendars[edit]

Here are some additional event calendars that you can check in addition to the two major ones above.

If you know of an upcoming white supremacist/fascist/alt-right action, you can report it here so a counter-protest can be organized.

Calendars for Individual Organizations[edit]

Online Events[edit]

Teach-ins and Chats[edit]

  • Use #SaturdaySchool on Twitter to find a weekly teach-in on Saturdays starting at 9 AM CST led by @profragsdale on different social justice topics. People can join in with input and questions whenever they have time throughout the week.
  • Uso #AcademiaSabatina en Twitter para buscar una lección cada semana en los Sábados, que comenzar a las 9 en la mañana. Las lecciones son presentando por @profragsdale en cosas diferentes que son relacionado con justicia social. Puede hace preguntas durante la semana cuando tienes tiempo.



  • The Friends Committee on National Legislation has frequent call-ins, usually issue briefings.

Events Featuring Members of Congress[edit]

State/Local Events[edit]

See your state page for state and local calendars.