Upcoming Events/Opportunities

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Upcoming events and updates regarding the resistance against Trump and the fight for equity and justice in America. This is a collaborative knowledge base; feel free to propose edits/additions that you believe are important for others to know. Contributions will be reviewed and approved based on quality and accuracy.


Events/Opportunities: Main SitesEdit

Events can be found at the following sites:

  The Resistance Calendar

Major National ProtestsEdit

(Sister marches are currently being organized. Many will be held on October 1.)

Event CalendarsEdit

Here are some additional event calendars that you can check in addition to the two major ones above.

If you know of an upcoming white supremacist/fascist/alt-right action, you can report it here so a counter-protest can be organized.

Calendars for Individual OrganizationsEdit

Online EventsEdit

Teach-ins and ChatsEdit

  • Use #SaturdaySchool on Twitter to find a weekly teach-in on Saturdays starting at 9 AM CST led by @profragsdale on different social justice topics. People can join in with input and questions whenever they have time throughout the week.
  • Uso #AcademiaSabatina en Twitter para buscar una lección cada semana en los Sábados, que comenzar a las 9 en la mañana. Las lecciones son presentando por @profragsdale en cosas diferentes que son relacionado con justicia social. Puede hace preguntas durante la semana cuando tienes tiempo.



  • The Friends Committee on National Legislation has frequent call-ins, usually issue briefings.

Events Featuring Members of CongressEdit

State/Local EventsEdit

See your state page for state and local calendars.